GiggleBerry Teacher Training Centre (GTTC) was founded by Mrs. Purnima Contractor, three decades in Early Childhood Education. GTTC has been extensive involved in providing various skill development workshops for teachers across India. Our focus is to impart knowledge and new learning's found in early childhood education.

GTTC has conducted over 100's of skill development workshops for teachers on topics such as Phonics, Reading Readiness, Writing Readiness, Math Readiness & Mathematics, Music & Eurhythmics, Art of Story Telling, Project Method and many more.

Our resource personnel's are experts from the field of early childhood with nothing less than 15 years of hands-on learning/teaching and research in this field. GiggleBerry caters to the needs of an individual both at the organizational and individual level.

The focus is on providing education and all round development in addition to literacy. We recognize that there is inherent potential in each individual and the need to be honed for greater effectiveness.

GiggleBerry provides workshops and interactions on various topics and issues, making available to our teachers a platform to share their experiences, grow and be effective.


  • To provide safe, secured and age appropriate resource tools for child development.
  • To provide an environment for children to learn through experience.
  • To create innovative educational materials that spark young minds.
  • To manifest inquisitiveness among children.
  • To instill a lifelong love of 'Learning & Thinking'


Our beginnings were based on an axiom;

"Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn."
by Benjamin Franklin

This belief has inspired us to create an experiential form of learning. We strive to bring about a fusion between - fun, play and learn, which enhances the learning process.